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Course Code Course Name Cost
IC22 Life Insurance Underwriting – IC22 (Updated 1200 MCQs) Rs. 900
IC26 Life Insurance Finance – IC26 (Updated 740 MCQs) Rs. 900
IC27 Health Insurance – IC27  (Updated 900 MCQs) Rs. 700
IC45 General Insurance Underwriting – IC45 (Updated 880 MCQs) Rs. 1000
IC46 General Insurance Accounts preparation and Regulation of Investment – IC46 (Updated 1200 MCQs) Rs. 1000

IC67 Marine Insurance – IC67  (Updated 770 MCQs) Rs. 700
IC74 Liability Insurance – IC74 (Updated 900 MCQs) Rs. 700

IC77 Engineering Insurance – IC77 (Updated 1300 MCQs) Rs. 900
IC78 Miscellaneous Insurance – IC78   (Updated 1200 MCQs) Rs. 900

IC85 Reinsurance Management – IC85 (Updated 800 MCQs) Rs. 900

IC86 Risk Management – IC86 (Updated 1000 MCQs) Rs. 900

IC57 Fire & Consequential Loss Insurance – IC57 (Updated 900 MCQs) Rs. 700

IC92 Actuarial Aspects of Product Development – IC92 (Updated 900 MCQs) Rs. 900